Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama and Lincoln photo in color

With the Obama - mania hitting - I decided to take a look at putting Presidents Obama and Lincoln into the same picture in living color. It's pretty striking to see the two together. I've posted the two photos on and put it on ireport on CNN. Take a look. Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lincoln - no bling here

I was reviewing the Color of Lincoln manuscript and it dawned on me that Abraham Lincoln never wore a wedding ring. The only jewelry ever photographed was the watch chain from the California delegation. It brings up many questions.
Did it tell us anything about his marriage?

Always more questions than answers it seems.
I think I should post a collage of pictures of Lincoln's ring finger on -

Kunhardt lifts Ostendorf's thumbnail view

I had an opportunity to see some of the new books on Abraham Lincoln that have hit the shelves. Seems the same old chronologies are being rehashed. The Meserve collection, now some 100 years old is once again being recycled. Everytime I see the Kunhardt book I wonder if Lloyd Ostendorf can sue for violation of copywright(of course they'd have to bring him to life again..). Wonder if any of his family checks out the competition. Thumbnail images of the black and white Lincoln photos... wasn't that done already?

Monday, January 12, 2009

a month to the Lincoln Bicentennial

Little did I realize when I said I'd have the book out for the Bicentennial that my printer would be psychic and keep putting the delivery out to that date. Of course, this has put the staff into a whirlwind because it's a whole month later than we initially told our customers.

I'll have to update and let everyone know that as in all things printing, the gods are in control.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

For the last few years the website has been where the information about the new collection of color pictures of Abraham Lincoln. It has been brought to my attention that more frequent updates are better and so this blog.

I want to thank the handful of supporters at the website for the last year and I'll be reaching out to all of you this week with some great news updates.

In a few weeks it will be the Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth. Finally, for the first time there is a credible collection of color Abraham Lincoln pictures. These are exactly the same photos from many sources dutifully made into lifelike color photographs.

There will be more to come. Until then.. Thanks and stay in touch !