Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 20

The thing about blogs is you need to be adding to them enough to make it interesting. I had the opportunity to speak with Ron Reitveld last week. Dr. Reitveld and I always seem to have these very interesting conversations. Here's a man who has been a part of the discovery of Lincoln history and has known many people through the years with important isight into Lincoln. Ron's remembrances of Fleetwood Lindley amd the descriptions of the President's body in the opened casket prompted me to think of what amounts of history reside within Ron and I guess in many of the Lincoln scholars. I find myself now a member of that troupe of people, discussing authenticcity of Lincoln photos and sharing discussions of the history of the man. I saw somewhere that the number of Lincoln books runs over 14,000. It's a good thing to add a "first" to such a broad field as I have done in publishing "Color of Lincoln" with the first collection of Lincoln photos in color.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Lincoln Photo

March 9, 2009: There's yet another Lincoln photo recently discovered. I've been able to bring it into the Color of Lincoln collection in rather short order. OK - I'm having second thoughts It's provenance is substantial enough for me to weigh in that it is likely Lincoln. Initially it looks good but the only clue that this tiny image is Abraham Lincoln is the written caption on the back indicating Lincoln in front of the White House & that it comes from Ulysses S. Grant's personal collection. So why didn't they get handwriting verification to add to the provenance? Seems less than the stellar experts job in trying to prove the facts before promoting the image as a new find. Hoax Alert!! Check it out in color at